Sunday, September 18, 2011

Love you forever Nee

Today at 2.00pm Shanean left us, no more pain, medicine, hospitals.

As she asked she was in her bed, surrounded by her loved ones, the loved ones that were fortunate and priveledged enough to be there with her.

Her strength, bravery, courage and pragmatism cannot be expressed in words. She chose her time, everything was in order. Now her spirit is free.

I cannot thank enough the support, well wishes and encouragement from the countless people who had the fortune in life to be touched by her, you all know just how unique and special she was.

Nee from me, all I can say is thankyou for everything and I love you.


  1. Good night big girl
    I love you
    Pumpy xx

  2. Beautiful girl I will always love you and I will miss you so very much. You have been one very special courageous amazing person and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. I am so proud of you. Goodnite Precious Luv U Moggs xx

  3. I don't think my heart will ever recover from the last 10 months. Neam take care of my baby girl.

    Love you like a sister.

    Bec xx

  4. In honour of Shanean:
    I e-mailed the lyrics of this song to Shanean a little while ago after I heard about her struggle with cancer. Only did the home recording today, intending to sent it to her as soon as possible when I read that she passed away this afternoon. I salute you Shanean for your life and love of life and your ability to shine in everything! May your family experience God's supernatural comfort and peace in this time and the times to come.

    To Shayne: may God hold you and your family in His hand

  5. This is the last message I sent to Shanean the day she left us. I hope the followers of this blog find some comfort in reading and appreciating the impact that Shanean had on all of our lives.

    Hi Neam.
    This message was too long for a text message so I figured here would be an appropriate spot where you might find it.

    We rarely take opportunities to tell others what we think (unless we’re picking drunken bar fights with them of course). Mostly the good stuff remains unsaid but today I’ve decided to break the rules.

    Since the day Shayne brought you home for the first time (When we lived in Cronulla as I recall) and demonstrated to us all that he was capable of somehow charming a girl way out of his league, you have given us all more than we could ever have guessed....

    Love, friendship, laughs, drunkenness (lots of drunkenness), support during some difficult times in our lives and even support for us during difficult times in yours. Sunday morning conversation while I avoided doing jobs at work; someone who appreciated me playing crap versions of Pearl Jam on your guitar; a new perspective on our Salter sarcasm and pessimism; and pretty much a whole different outlook on the world. Then of course you topped it all by giving us more with Celeste, Joel and more recently the rest of your family. All of these moments and events, whether monumental or seemingly insignificant are carried by all of us and always will be.

    The list of what you have given us all could go on forever, but unfortunately this message can’t. So let me summarise the point by letting you know that when he found you, Shayne found the perfect addition to our family and all of our lives. I’m still not quite certain how he managed to trick you into joining us but that really doesn’t matter. The point is when Shayne found you, the rest of us all won big time. You are the perfect example of a gift that keeps on giving.

    My two cents – love Uncle Ryan

  6. We love you Nean. Your bravery with this awful battle has inspired and humbled us. We will miss you every day.

    We hope God realises how bloody lucky he is to have two beautiful angels up there now and we hope you and Izzy are sharing a chuckle as you watch over your family.

    Thank you for letting us share some of your life. With love always, Celia, Nicole, Darcy and Isobel. xxxx

  7. Shayne

    I have just read the news about Shanean and I cannot express the sadness I feel.

    I will always remember the wonderful times and memories we had working at Colliers together. She was such an amazing person who lit up the room when she was in it. Colliers, Good Vibrations and me "being stabbed at the Lansdowne"... :)

    Although I haven't seen you both in a number of years, I have thought of you often... it was the lasting impression that you both left due to what kind and lovely people you are.

    You are in my thoughts.. My deepest sympathy is with you...

    Love Jodie Milne

  8. Dear Neam
    Thanks so much for loving my brother and letting us have you in our life too.

    I am so proud to have you as my sister. I am going to miss you terribly.

    I know you are with Izzy now and that you will look after her for me and dance with her forever. I hope that when we meet again you will have taught her all my hilarious dance moves so we can laugh again.

    Sleep well Neam, have fun and thanks so much for being my friend.

  9. Dear Shayne

    I have just heard the terrible news about Shanean. I know that I havent been in touch with you guys for a number of years but I have thought about you often.

    God works in mysterious ways. He has taken a beautiful soul from this world.

    My deepest sympathy and thoughts are with you.

    David Puterman (from Colliers)

  10. Day by day....

    As life goes on and you get older,
    My hand shall fall upon your shoulder.
    Don't get sad and weep for me,
    Just pray and remember me lovingly.

    God bless you Shayne ..find peace and comfort in those special little children you have XXX

  11. It's taken a few days to find the right words, and still I can't seem to.
    To the South Africans who follow this blog, just know that she was loved and treasured by us Aussies.
    As you all know, she was beautiful, kind, generous, considerate, compassionate, funny, a wonderful mother and a fabulous friend.
    I'm lucky to have known you, grateful to call you my friend and say thankyou for all the good times. And there were many, because you were here, my dear.
    We will always miss your smile.

  12. Dear Shayne,
    I feel so bad for you right now. Everyone knows how much you loved Shanean and how much she loved you. She fought so hard to stay with you and the kids and her bravery is to be totally admired. I know no words can comfort you Shayne but I just wanted you to know that your irish rellies are thinking of you and that Shanean was loved all over the world.
    Lots of love,