Thursday, September 15, 2011

Its been five weeks since we got the awful news about shanean. Since then shanean has had some great times - at some times feeling better and than the whole last 2 years and included a visit from all her family from south africa

Part of the weekly routine she was on included daily radiation therapy for 2 weeks and a weekly checkup at the hospital

Yesterday we went to the hospital for this weeks checkup'. For the 2 days prior Shanean was very tired and ended up sleeping around 20 hours per day

The news they gave us wasnt pleasant - the sleepiness is being caused by the disease moving into her blood and there is little more they can do - she doesnt have to go back to the hospital and most of her medications have stopped

Now its quiet home time with shanean her mum, sister, myself and the kids. Shanean has asked that the house remains calm with just us for now. Whilst this means no more visitors or phone calls, if you would like to send Shanean a message you can do so on the blog or email or sms. She may not reply but she will get it even if we read it out to her

Thanks again to everyone


  1. I am pleased you posted this Shayne this way everyone will understand that you all need time and quiet to be together. Just tell Neam we love her dearly and will be there the minute you call us. Until then just know we are praying for Neam, you, Granny, Christene, Celeste and Joel and thinking of you all every waking minute We love you very very much. Stay strong. We are so proud of Shanean, you and all Neams family
    Moggi and Pumpy

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  3. Shayne please give Neam a big, strong, long hug from me.
    Neam your hugs have got me through some of my darkest days and I thank you for that.

    Love you

  4. We are here when you need us, with lots of love.
    Celia and Nicole xx

  5. Dear Shanean

    I am writing this in English, so that your husband can read this to you. Even though I have never posted a comment, I have followed your journey via the blog for the past two years.
    So many times I wanted to leave a comment, but the truth is that I was, and still am a bit lost for words....

    I do want to tell you how much you have inspired me by being so encredibly brave. I cannot possibly fathom how your illness have changed your life as well as your beautiful family's, but I can just imagine...

    Apart from the full time job of taking care of the "illness" and all its demands, life still goes on where kids get sick and dinner needs to be cooked. I loved the post where you explained this so beautifully in true hilarious fashion!

    You have always been so breathtakingly beautiful - both on the inside and the outside. It is so evident that you have touched so many people in your life on so many levels. I for one have such fond memories of your wicked laugh, sense of humour and beautiful smile.

    I don't know you Shayne, but throughout this blog I could only read your love for this amazing woman. You too have been such an inspiration to me. How in the face of adversity, you always remained so positive and even posted with a sense of humour.

    You are an encredible family and my only wish for you all is to travel light....

    Lots of love

    Lindi Louw (Venter)