Saturday, August 6, 2011

so far

2 weeks out of hospital today (and one month after transplant) - after being very sick for the first couple of days Shanean came good. She was up and about nearly to normal, still gets tired and weak but is eating well and enjoying time with the kids. Today we went to the park and then to the pub for lunch. She has cravings for sushi, fruit salad and grapefruit juice - shame about the grapefruit juice as she is prohibited from having this due to some sort of reaction with the drugs she is taking
She goes for checkups at the hospital every Thursday, they are very pleased with her progress so far - no signs of GVHD yet and all the blood counts and functions are normal
It will just be a monitoring process now for the forseeable future - there is no more treatment pending, she just has to take her many pills each day - steriods and immunosupressants amongst others.
They havent mentioned when the next scan is, and we are not that keen to ask - trying to enjoy a little bit of normality whilst we can. We may get more info at the next checkup on Thursday

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