Sunday, August 14, 2011

Home Time

We got Shanean home from the hospital at around 5.00pm on Friday. She has a bag attached to her with constant morphine going in to her to ease the pain, she also has backup supply to add manually should it get a bit too much

On the way out we said goodbye to the nurses who all know her so well over the last 2 years, a few tears from some of them - proves that Shanean tends to steal the hearts of most people she meets

The palliative care nurses come to our house each day to check up on her and sort out her pain relief. She can stay put at home until the radiation on Tuesday

Yesterday we had a bbq and danced with the kids (lots of cuddles for them at the moment), read them a story for bed - just a normal day

Im glad this blog has been useful for so many, it has been very therapuetic for me as well so its a bit of a win-win. I wish i could sign off with good news for all. This is an awful disease, but Shanean knows she has the collective love, support and well wishes of her family, friends, me and, of course, Celeste and Joel

She is very active online - is all set up in bed with a laptop and internet. If you send her a note she will get it

This photo was taken a couple of weeks before she was diagnosed. The look of absolute love she gives to the kids in it is forever and this is my favourite photo


  1. Dear Shane and Shanean, I’m from Celia’s Mothers Group and have been following your story for a while. You have been in my thoughts and prayers for some time and I am very saddened to hear your recent news. I’m glad though, to hear there has been some dancing and play time with the kids over the weekend. Take care. Christy.

  2. Thanks for blogging Shayne, good job. I know how those nurses feel.. Shanean stole my heart years ago xxx

  3. Hi Shanean and Shane! Had to take out my pics of the time we spent in London when we came to visit you in your HUGE flat, Ivy Court I think it was called!!!! And the party we had at O'Connors (met die hout boomstompe binne die pub) After that we havent' seen each other I think, but obviously through Tannie Net en Oom Jannie en obviously Donovan I am always kept in the loop with what is up with you guys!

    I have followed this blog every single day and some days it was good news and some days not so good, but through this whole process we kind of felt like we were with you. This is very sad news and news that one find very difficult to comment on But you have touched so many peoples hearts with your braveness and commitment to get better and trying to fight this awful disease. If anything we can all learn from you Shanean and off course from Shane for so diligently keeping us informed of what is happening.

    So much love, ek kan dit nie beskryf in engels nie, dit is net ongelooflik om 'n familie te sien wat so connected is met mekaar en so lief is vir mekaar. Mag ons almal sulke liefde ervaar. Ek dink aan julle xxx

  4. Hi Shayne and Shanean, just wanted to leave you both a quick message to say we are thinking of you both and the family. We would like to think we would do anything for you guys in this situation. Just say the word. Anyday anytime.

    I can't even begin to comprehend where you might be in your own minds and hearts but ours are with you. Shanean you are beautiful and that photo is wonderful, you radiate such warmth and love. You always have.

    And Shayne you are one strong man, must be all that hard deli work, i hear cleaning the rotisserie will bring the best out in a man ;) Together we all look up to you both as an example of strength and courage in such a hard to understand situation. Your ripples of influence and life are felt far and wide.

    Hope to see you all soon for one big hug of love x Sharyn and Howard