Friday, August 12, 2011

10 years

Yesterday was mine and shanean's 10 year wedding anniversary. Happy anniverary nee. I love you

Yesterday Shanean went for a scan. About a week ago she had a niggling pain and by yesterday it had deteriorated to the point of needing morphine pain relief. The professor then quickly arranged for a scan

This is what we were told -

The cancer is still growing rapidly and aggressively. The professor says he has never seen anything quite like it and that from an aim to cure perspective, there are now no more treatment options left. She has been transferred to palliative care where the goal is to treat her terrible pain and make her comfortable. She has some radiation scheduled next week to try and reduce the tumours - it is just for an hour each morning and she wont have to be admitted

She had to stay in hospital last night so they could work out her pain treatment regimen, but we are aiming to bring her home today where she can be with the kids

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  1. Happy Anniversary Shanean and Shayne - 10 Golden years, what an achievement! It is impossible to find the right words...If there is ANYTHING we can do back here in SA to support you through this tough time, please do not hesitate to contact us. Email: Love, Bianca and Heinrich.